Sahara Riches

The heart of the Sahara Desert isn’t exactly the first place in the world that you’d associate with riches.

After all, you don’t often see too many luxurious palaces, tombs filled with treasure chests or other sorts of riches in the middle of the desert, do you? 

No matter. There are other sorts of riches on offer here in a colourful and fun-filled slot with a couple of pretty unique features to it.

So, grab yourself a glass of water (things get pretty dry out there and you don’t want to be getting all thirsty) and read on for what this slot is all about.


The reel structure is a 5x3 and the first thing you’ll notice is that there’s a lot of colour on those reels. Which is a bit surprising given this unfolds in the middle of the Sahara, but it wouldn’t be much fun if all you saw were different shades of yellow, would it?

You can of course select your stake and you can also choose to play a certain number of spins automatically in Autoplay mode.

As ever, you’re going to need three or more identical symbols in a row from left to right to get a pay-out. Whether we’re at sea, in the mountains, or in the middle of an arid desert in a slot, that’s always the case.

Two important symbols to look out for.

The Wild can appear and can substitute for most other symbols.

‘Most’ because it can’t substitute for the Cash Collect, Cash Prize, Diamond or free spins symbols.

You’ll be hearing plenty more about those in due course; the Cash Collect symbol only appears on Reel 5 but it’s certainly worth your while when it does.

Tips and Strategy 

Using the Autoplay function is fine but it’s a good idea to set limits or not leave it spinning for 100 or so spins.

The reason for that is that during those Autoplay spins, you may win a decent prize which may be a good idea to bank.

But if you let those Autoplay spins continue for a load more spins, you may miss out on the chance to quit while you’re ahead by banking those profits.

Bonus Rounds

There are three bonus features here that all revolve around that famous Cash Collect symbol on Reel 5.

That’s why we said you should look forward to seeing it appear just like you’d look forward to seeing a nice cool shower and an ice-cold soft drink if you’d been wandering around the Sahara for days on end.  

So, let’s assume you landed a Cash Collect symbol on Reel 5. These are the other symbols you want to see on other reels and what they do:  

Free Games

A Cash Collect symbol on Reel 5 plus a Free Games one with a number on it (eg. +2 or +5) means you’re about to play the free games round with the number of pulses equal to the number of free games you get.

In the example above it would be 5+2 so 7 free games. In other words, all of the free games symbols in view are added together.

A Cash Collect symbol can appear on any reel during free games, not just on Reel 5. Each time it appears it locks in position for the next three spins, thus giving you good chances of bringing other symbols into play.

Cash Collect

That Cash Collect symbol on Reel 5 plus coins on other reels will give you an instant cash prize to the value of those coins. The more in view the better, and the greater the number, the better.

Cash Collect Prizes

Landed a diamond on one of the reels alongside the Cash Collect symbol on Reel 5? Great, one of the Jackpots is heading your way. Which one of the four you get is random but here’s what you’re looking at:

Type of Jackpot



20 x stake


50 x stake


200 x stake


500 x stake


This isn’t the most complex slot design you’ll ever see but that’s not to say it’s not easy on the eye.

As we said already, there’s a surprising amount of colour on the reels for a game taking place bang in the middle of the desert but that’s surely a good thing.

It’s all pretty easy to follow and we’re big fans of the Mysterious Woman, who is the Wild.

Speaking of eyes, you only really get to see her beautiful emerald green eyes here and not the rest of her. But it’s more about what she can do and as we know, the Wild can be a route to riches.

Final Thoughts

This is a slot that’s just perfect for the slots player who is of a medium level of experience and doesn’t want to go back to basics, nor do they want to play an incredibly complex, or volatile, game.

There’s more than enough going on to keep you engaged and you’ll find you’ve always got one eye on that all-important fifth reel in the hope the Cash Collect symbol pops up, like an oasis in the desert.